St Stephen's Institute

Central to what we do at St Stephen's School is to engender a passion for teaching and learning. Education at St Stephen's School is about Commitment to Culture, Competency in Pedagogy, and Mastery of Curriculum.

The St Stephen's School Model for Teaching and Learning promotes a relationship-centred approach to learning, which prioritises narrative, intrinsic motivation and being excellent for others. 

This purpose lies at the heart of the St Stephen's Institute; to work with staff to provide support, guidance, professional and personal growth opportunities.

Our Purpose: 

  • Developing and growing people in wellness and purpose
  • Educational research and evidence based practice that informs our teaching and learning
  • Promoting a culture of professional learning
  • Embracing 21st century pedagogy
  • Supporting staff in ensuring professional standards are met
  • Talent identification and recruitment 

What We Do:

St Stephen's Institute is committed to providing our teaching and non-teaching staff community with opportunities for growth and to ensure that we reflect a Christian approach to education for today, tomorrow and beyond.

  • Professional Development
  • Staff Training and Mentoring
  • Cadetships
  • Data Analysis
  • Education Research and Publications
  • Appraisals
  • Conferences, Seminars and Workshops
  • Staff Recruitment and Induction
  • Leadership Development
  • Career Trajectories

For further information about upcoming events visit contact the St Stephen's Institute on to 9243 2110.

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