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St Stephen’s School’s Care program encompasses every aspect of growth and wellbeing – in mind, spirit and character.

Our Care Team consists of psychologists, nurses, Deputies of Care and Deans of House. They work together to ensure a sense of belonging, support and wellbeing across each campus. 

Year 7s participate in special programs aimed at helping them transition comfortably into the world of Secondary School. They are guided through the dynamics of day-to-day life in Secondary as well as supported pastorally in Homerooms where they build friendships with classmates and feel a sense of belonging.  

At St Stephen’s School Year 9s also take part in transition programs which help them navigate the path from childhood to adulthood. Duncraig students participate in The Rite Journey and the Compass Program is offered at Carramar campus. Both of these programs involve self-reflection and future planning. Students take part in physical challenges and mindful tasks as they journey through the programs, developing skills to become self-aware, responsible and resilient adults. 


Students go through a range of emotional and developmental stages during their schooling, and we understand each requires a different approach and understanding. 

Our team of highly-qualified School Psychologists are an invaluable resource for parents, families and students, with members based at each campus in both Primary and Secondary schools. 

They offer specialist advice and intervention in the spheres of behavioural, learning, cognitive and personal development through proactive involvement, seminars and community events focused on care and wellbeing. 


Each campus has a fully-trained Nurse onsite to ensure students’ safety, health and wellbeing. They are familiar with students’ conditions and have action plans in place. Our Nurses are also informed and trained in the latest information and treatments. 


Our House system creates a sense of belonging for staff and students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12. Students are assigned to a House upon enrolment and remain in the same House throughout their schooling. This aligns with the School’s community approach within the Houses and provides a sense of home at School for students. 

Each Secondary School House is led by a Dean, Assistant Dean and student House leaders who encourage, counsel and assist our community. The students report to a Homeroom in their House building, together with students from a range of age groups. The scope of ages and abilities in each area provides structured mentoring and leadership opportunities. 


Anti-Bullying Policy

Every student has the right to feel safe. Whether physical, social, verbal or online, St Stephen’s School has zero-tolerance when it comes to bullying.  

The School’s stance against bullying starts with a preventative approach that uses a variety of policies and programs to educate, inform and support out students and staff, all of whom have the right to a safe and caring environment. 

In any instance, the School prides itself on being responsive to all incidents that are reported and works with students, families and staff towards restorative outcomes. 

For more information about St Stephen’s School’s bullying policies or to report any behaviour, please contact the School Deans or Deputies of Care. 

Current parents can access more detailed information on the Parent Portal.