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Bound by native forests and open spaces, the Murray River winds around the western boundary of the property.

The Bibbulmun Track and Munda Biddi Trails are among its neighbours and Dwellingup’s town centre and tourist attractions are all just minutes away.  

A local Noongar Elder gifted the site its name which translates to ‘The Knowledge Centre’. The name represents our education focus where knowledge is at the centre of all we do. The Kaadadjan Centre opens up learning pathways for our students across all curriculum areas and enriches their experiences with the environment, sustainability and the health benefits of the great outdoors.  

Our students use the property for various learning opportunities including orienteering, camping skills and kayaking. It also provides a place of contemplation, somewhere to reflect and to connect with nature for our Rite Journey and Compass cohorts.  Learn more about The Kaadadjan Centre.

Community members are welcome to book a camping trip to the Centre Please read The Kaadadjan Centre Camping Guidelines and Booking Form for full details of the venue, including fees, before booking your trip.

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After reviewing expert advice, please note The Kaadadjan Centre will be closed from 10 December through to 28 February each year due to the heightened threat of bushfires.


Good knowledge, good spirits, good place

Nerolie Byder's artwork

By Nerolie Bynder, 2019 

Noongar artist Nerolie Bynder completed this beautiful artwork depicting The Kaadadjan Centre called Good knowledge, good spirits, good place. Its story is below:

The art is about a place of good knowledge and on country. It is a community place for young people. It is about building up young people’s spirit in a good place on country. 

The painting shows the river going up alongside the good place. The river is wavy and covered by scales to represent the Waugal, as the Waugal is the creator of things and all the waterways and waterholes. 

The three spirits live in the river representing the inner spirits of the people – the ancestors of the past, the people of the present and the people of the future who continue to learn and share on country. 

The pink circle is to represent this place in the heart of Noongar country. The white dotted travel lines coming from the centre are Noongar people moving around through the six Noongar seasons.