St Stephen's School has vacancies available and is considering all applications. Enquire now!

St Stephen’s School embraces diversity and welcomes all applications. The Selection Process for Offer of Places commences approximately two years prior to entry, however we are always open to new enquiries and work with families to welcome them into our School community.

Admission Entry Levels for the Carramar Campus are Kindergarten and Year 7 while Duncraig intake years open in Kindergarten, Year 5 and Year 7. Vacancies may occur from time to time at other levels in the School. Entry at these levels is dependent on availability, satisfactory school reports, subjects being available and an

Please contact the Admissions Department with any queries on 9243 2108 or on admissions@ststephens.wa.edu.au.

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1. Application

For entry levels up to and including Year 7:

To register your interest for a possible position please complete either the Online or PDF (printable) version of the Application for Registration form below. A current fee of $100.00 (including GST) per child is payable with your Application for Registration form. This fee is non-refundable. Lodging an application does not guarantee an Offer of Place. It registers your interest in a possible position.

Please click either Online or PDF below.

For Year 8 and above:

Occasionally vacancies arise when a current student withdraws. To register your interest for a possible current or future position please complete either the Online or PDF (printable) version of the Secondary School Enquiry form below. Lodging an application does not guarantee an Offer of Place. It registers your interest in a possible position.

Please click either Online or PDF below.

Christian Church Reference

If you attend a Christian Church at least 2 – 3 times per month and have done so for the past 12 months and you wish your family’s Christian commitment to be considered, please arrange for your local Minister to complete the Christian Church Reference below and forward to the School. Church References may be checked with the relevant Ministers.

2. Offer Of Place (Acceptance Fee) 

Selected prospective families will be interviewed before extending any Offer of Place. If your child has been successful, an Offer of Place will be mailed to you. A non-refundable Acceptance Bond will be payable to secure a place. The student’s Offer of Place is then confirmed. At this stage a formal contract shall be entered into between the family and the School. This Acceptance Bond is a once off payment for any new child commencing at the School. Providing the student is still enrolled at the School in the next semester following commencement at the School, the Acceptance Bond will be credited back to the family account in the next semester. However, the Acceptance Bond will not be refunded if, at any time after it has been paid, the student does not take up the enrolment place or if the student’s enrolment is not current during the next semester following commencement.

3. The Final Step

For our main intake entry levels, Orientation and other information will be mailed to families approximately 2 – 3 months prior to your child’s commencement date.

Important Note: Withdrawal of Student

To withdraw a student from the School, at least one complete term’s notice must be given in writing to the Principal or at the latest by close of business on the first day of the term you wish to withdraw.  In the event of not enough notice being given, one quarter of the annual School Fee will be payable in addition to fees payable up to the date of withdrawal.

Regional & international students

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