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Dr Mark Fielding

Director of Global Programs, St Stephen’s School

mark fielding

Dr Mark Fielding has been teaching in secondary schools, government and private, city and country, for 30 years. He is the co-author of three history textbooks on revolutions and has presented at many state, national and international conferences in the fields of history and education. More recently his focus has shifted to the impact of globalisation and internationalisation on education and how schools and universities respond to these developments in the context of the more challenging interconnected world of the 21st century. This interest, in turn, inspired his award winning doctoral research on the internationalisation of education in Australian schooling.

As Director of Global Programs at St Stephen’s School, his passion is to develop within our students 21st century global competencies and a heart for service. Mark coordinates and overseas the School’s service learning program and has been instrumental in developing partnerships with international agencies and organisations to create opportunities for our students to travel and serve throughout the region. Mark also selects and oversees the staff that lead the tours and is amazed at the dedication and commitment these staff show to the objectives of the student service learning programs.

Mark is active in developing partnerships throughout the Indian Ocean Region so that St Stephen’s School can be an agent for school improvement and opportunity to the wider world.

Mark is also a lecturer/tutor in the Graduate School of Education at the University of Western Australia where he teaches the broadening unit ‘Education for a Global Knowledge Society’.


Andre Bourgault

Kimberley Tour Leader, St Stephen’s SchoolAndre Head Shot

Andre graduated from WAAPA with a Bachelor of Music, majoring in Composition, and then worked as a free-lance musician and peripatetic guitar and trombone teacher for a number of years in Perth schools. After travelling through Europe, he returned to complete his Graduate Diploma in Teaching and has been working at St Stephen’s School ever since. Andre conducts the St Stephen’s Concert Band and Swing Band and is passionate about working with students in musical ensembles to build teamwork, confidence and musicality, foster relationships and prepare students for performance. 

“I first visited the Kimberley region with my family in 2013 on Long Service Leave and straight away fell in love with the majestic countryside, the gorgeous gorges and the canopy of stars under which you sleep.  From a cultural perspective, I have always been interested in Aboriginal music and dreamtime stories and their connection with the land which we can learn so much from.  This immersive tour offers our students a chance to integrate with Indigenous students in a remote Aboriginal community which will challenge their preconceptions and breakdown stereotypes whilst opening their eyes to cultural sensitivities that need to be understood in the interests of reconciliation. I am very excited and honoured to be able to lead this tour again because I know the profound effect it will have on our students will be long lasting and life changing.”


Phill Taylor 

Cambodia Tour Leader, St Stephen’s School Phill Taylor

Phill has been teaching in schools for 21 years, both here in Western Australia and overseas. Graduating from Curtin University in the mid 1990s, Phill has worked at both St Stephen’s Duncraig and St Stephen’s Carramar in the role of Head of English and, more recently, Head of Languages. Widely travelled and with experience in the youth and family sector in Perth, Japan and America, Phill is passionate about teaching and about growing students into young adults with a global perspective and a genuine heart for others. He has presented at conferences around Australia, written for the English Teachers Association of Western Australia and marked WACE English for the past 8 years.  He has worked on a number of international and national tours, enjoying the unique experiences that they afford to all those who attend.

“Looking ahead to Cambodia 2018, I am filled with the excitement of knowing that our work, our time will have genuine and lasting effect on those we serve. It is a common and often ‘throw away’ adage that we can all make a difference to the world; through this program, and in partnership with RAW Impact, this is absolutely true. Having completed the 2017 tour, I know this to be so; the students and the staff who attended were all deeply affected by the resilience, tenacity, kindness and humility of the Cambodian people. To see a family move into a house newly built, which by our Western standards was small and flimsy, and receive it with such appreciation, love and gratitude was simply life changing. This tour is remarkable and I can’t wait to return to Cambodia.” 

Leeanne Shanks

Cambodia Tour Leader, St Stephen’s School 


Leeanne has enjoyed teaching the Humanities subjects for 13 years and has had the pleasure of teaching in London and Western 

Australia.Through her diverse career, she worked in recruitment and investment banking in London beforehappily changing to teaching. Leeanne presented at the National History Conference and has marked ATAR/WACE papers for three years. She is currently the acting HoLA of Humanities and Biblical Studies. 

This is Leeanne’s second tour to Cambodia.

The partnership with St Stephens and RAW Impact has been blessed and a genuine pleasure to be a part of.  Students have seen poverty, not with their minds but with their hearts. I watched students grow and change over the Cambodian trip and feel that the tour provides the opportunity to grow and develop their desire to serve.  The joy felt seeing our students and staff connect to a community in Cambodia was a privilege that neither the students, nor I, will forget’.

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