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St Stephen’s School works with RAW Impact in Cambodia.

What is RAW Impact?

RAW Impact is a Christian aid and development agency, led by Australians, with a mission to 'raise awareness worldwide'. This, together with their heart for the poor and disempowered in Cambodia, makes them an ideal partner for our service tours and global programs.

Its objectives are to inspire powerful change through life-changing volunteer experiences and sustainable projects in Cambodia. RAW Impact focuses on three key areas of operation:

  • Sustain - creating sustainable livelihoods for the poorest of the poor so they can access food, health services and education.
  • Educate - building and overseeing schools that provide a safe place for children to have an education that would otherwise be out of their reach.
  • Protect - building homes and structures that keep families safe, healthy and able to thrive.

Raw Impact relies on organisations like St Stephen’s School to help fund development projects in Cambodia. In return, they provide a safe and enriching experience for our students while under their care in Cambodia. Our goals are well aligned and the partnership is growing to the benefit of both organisations.

Our relationship began in 2014, when St Stephen’s School approached RAW Impact to lead a service learning tour to Cambodia. The pre-trip preparations took place for most of the year, during which time we got to know one another and our ambitions for the visit.

In January 2015 students and staff travelled to Cambodia for a 14-day journey of cultural immersion and community-focused volunteer work. They assisted RAW Impact in building a house, planting vegetable gardens and working in a local village school, as well as participating in an overnight village sleep-out.

A second service tour took place in January 2016 and a third is planned for January 2017.

To learn more about the St Stephen’s Service Learning Tour to Cambodia click here

What have we achieved together?

Together, we have practically impacted the lives of the poorest of the poor through fundraising and hands-on projects to provide the necessities of life. 

We have also provided opportunities for young Australians to have life-changing experiences, develop a healthy perspective on life in developing countries and reflect upon their own many advantages.

What’s next?

RAW Impact’s new initiative, Every Piece Matters, aims to tackle the twin threats of debt, slavery and child trafficking that afflict the poorest of the poor. A proposed bridge from Phnom Penh to Gunty's Island will force the relocation of 100 slum families. RAW Impact is raising funds and support to purchase land, build sustainable homes and to provide education to the children and a sustainable invome to the families.

St Stephen's Global will be involved in this new initiative.

To learn more about RAW Impact, visit http://rawimpact.org


“It’s incredible how much two weeks can impact your life and how much it can entirely change someone else’s forever.”

Jaemie Duncan, RAW Impact staffer and former St Stephen’s School student

“The students and teachers who attend our tours provide great energy, enthusiasm and effort. They also provide significant fundraising – consistently going well beyond the required amount.”

Chub Sykes, Head of Engagement, RAW Impact 

“When you are at school it is often hard to focus on more than the immediate world around you. On a tour like RAW Impact’s, you are immersed in a rich culture and an alternate way of life. It puts so much into perspective. It is the best possible way to start your final school year.”

Tessa Dorotich, RAW Impact staffer and former St Stephen’s School student

“I was inspired to actively make a difference in the lives of others through hands-on manual projects.”

Michael Russell, RAW Impact staffer and former St Stephen’s School student

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