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What is St Stephen’s Global?

St Stephen’s School is committed to providing the best possible 21st century education to our students through relevant, engaging and motivational learning experiences that expose them to different cultures, environments and people.

Today’s students need to be global ready, interculturally aware, cosmopolitan citizens. St Stephen’s Global aims to ensure that the graduates of St Stephen’s School exhibit:

  • high levels of intercultural awareness
  • relationship-centred approaches to global issues
  • creativity and innovation in working through the challenges and opportunities of our times
  • a heart for service in their community and around the world 

We have developed a range of programs managed by the School’s ‘Global’ team, including:

  • international and domestic service learning tours
  • capacity building in education within developing nations 

Our particular focus is the Indian Ocean Region – Australia, Asia and Africa.

As the largest independent school in Western Australia, St Stephen’s School is able to capitalise on its size, expertise and reputation to build relationships with educational communities in these regions and work with them to build capacity and opportunity for their school children. This goal creates a deep and meaningful engagement for our School community. It demonstrates to our students that they can be part of a bigger mission to make a difference to the lives of less privileged people and bring new learning opportunities to the children of the region. 

In so doing, St Stephen’s Global provides opportunities for the School to live its motto “serve God serve one another” in the context of a globalised world. And, through providing our students with these experiences, we also meet our strategic intent to “change the world one mind at a time.” 

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