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St Stephen’s School is the largest independent K-12 co-educational school in Western Australia.

We enjoy strong results in NAPLAN and WACE with more than 81.75% of our graduates achieving university entrance. Despite these strong results the distinctive of St Stephen’s School is the relationships and the quality of our teaching and learning that defines who we are.

Our educational philosophy is simple we grow people, whole people – intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual, social people and people who aspire to be excellent for the sake of others.

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It is a privilege to be part of St Stephen’s School where many opportunities and experiences abound for everyone in our community. 

Our Vision states: “Working together as a Christian community in the Uniting Church tradition to inspire learning that transforms and empowers lives”. 

At St Stephen’s School we are committed to providing the best education we can for all students with our available resources. 

As a School of the Uniting Church in Australia, we share God’s love in our School community and help students to develop intellectually, socially, physically, emotionally, culturally and spiritually. 

Our Core Values of Learning, Faith, Care, Service and Community underpin all that we do and how we do it. The relationship between staff and students is the key to student engagement and learning. In this important relationship we seek to educate and to nurture. We also seek to help students serve God and serve others in their daily living. 

At St Stephen’s School, we are rich in human resources with over 350 staff across two campuses, each dedicated to helping St Stephen’s students experience optimal wellbeing and achievement. We are committed to helping all students strive to develop their individual gifts and talents. In this process we depend on the support of the home so that we work together in this endeavour. Shared values and support from parents of the School’s culture and policies are necessary for our students to grow as people. 

Our School has been blessed by the strong foundation laid by its founders. It continues to benefit from the strong leadership and tireless work of the School Council and staff as it seeks to build on the fine reputation of St Stephen’s School. 

At a recent Staff Conference, many of our staff took the opportunity to share their teaching journey and experience at St Stephen's School. 

Mrs Donella Beare


Anniversary Ball Photo Gallery

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Inter-School Athletics Carnival (Jumps/Throws)

October 22-23

St Stephen’s School, Carramar





Remembrance Day Assembly

Wednesday, November 11

St Stephen’s School, Carramar



Junior and Middle School Concert

Friday, November 13

St Stephen’s School, Duncraig




Secondary String Recital

Wednesday, November 25

St Stephen’s School, Duncraig




ELC Concert

Friday, December 4

St Stephen’s School, Duncraig ELC


Primary Celebration and Awards Night

Thursday, December 3

St Stephen’s School, Carramar



Primary Years 3-6 Awards Night

Friday, December 4

St Stephen’s School, Duncraig



Early Years Nativity Play

December 7-8

St Stephen’s School, Carramar



Carols by Candle Light

Saturday, December 5

St Stephen’s School, Duncraig

 Carramar Secondary Awards Night

Monday, December 7

St Stephen's School, Carramar


Duncraig Secondary Awards Night

Tueday, December 8

St Stephen's School, Carramar



 Secondary House Christmas Assembly

Wednesday, December 9

St Stephen’s School, Duncraig










Duncraig campus - 2012 Archives

Term 4, 2012

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Term 3, 2012

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Term 2, 2012

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Term 1, 2012


Carramar campus - 2012 Archives

Term 4, 2012

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Term 3, 2012

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 Term 2, 2012

Term 1, 2012