Take Time to Slow Down

Have you ever had a moment when everything around you seems to be moving in slow motion? When the laughter of children, the smell of onions on the barbecue and flowers blooming in a myriad of colours surround you?Recently, I had one of those moments. It was at the School’s Community Campout weekend at The Kaadadjan Centre.

The sun was shining down, glistening on the grass, the flowers were out and the trees all green. Walking out into the main clearing I looked around and everything slowed down while I took in families laughing, playing sport and games, groups focusing as they painted in the Aboriginal Art workshop, children’s faces intently concentrating as they mined choc-chips out of cookies and families happily sitting by the fire cooking damper on long sticks.

Moments like these make us feel lucky and blessed to be surrounded by such a wonderful community and to thank those who put this event together.

Since the campout we have had several groups of families and alumni from our community booking the Centre for their own enjoyment. Part of our vision of development of the site is to make it more accessible to our whole community, so I urge all to jump on the School Portals (Staff and Parent),peruse the information booklet to find out more about the property and to book some time down there to truly slow down.

I do recognise that talking about slowing down as we enter what is usually one of the busiest terms of the year may seem strange but I see these busy times as even more reason to take moments when you can.

This term is all about celebration. We enter the last term of our 35th year looking forward to our Family Days on each campus where “old” staff, alumni, families and friends will come together for a few hours of fun and reflection.

Musical talent will be on show at a number of music concerts and recitals. Our annual Year 7-10 Junior Production and MaDD (Music and Dance,Drama) nights will showcase our students’ theatrical side and both campuses will be awash with colour and creativity at the annual Synthesis and Fusion Art and Technologies Exhibitions.

There will be the pitter patter of ‘Little Feet’ at the City of Joondalup’s Little Feet Festival in the coming weeks. St Stephen’s School is a premier sponsor of the event with several activities set to engage the thousands of people who attend each year. The theme this year is Imagination Wonderland so be sure to come down for a visit on Sunday, October 27 from 12-5pm at ECU Joondalup.

Some other events on the calendar for this term include the ELC Nativity, Year 6 Graduations and Spring Tour mornings where we show prospective families all that St Stephen’s has to offer.

Some of our younger students will make memories on the last camps for the year while many of our senior Secondary students undertake School exams. I wish them all the best for what can be a stressful time. Just know that preparation and belief in yourself are key and all of us who have guided you along the way are cheering you on.

Finally, the year concludes with our annual Presentation Nights where achievements are celebrated and we come together to reflect on what has been another vibrant and exciting year at St Stephen’s School.

“Be still and know that I am God.” —Psalm 46:10. 


Take care,

Mrs Donella Beare