Summer Shorts

With the sun set to come out more often as we embrace the Spring season, I wanted to give you an update on some new additions to our girls’ uniform.

As we always aim to be a progressive School, I am happy to announce that secondary girls will now be able to wear shorts as part of their summer uniform from the start of Term 4.

We also have girls’ sports shorts being designed for our students, with samples to be available toward the end of the year.

The topic of non-discriminatory school uniforms has become quite a prominent topic in the news lately. I recently enjoyed being interviewed by young campaigner Sophia Mhyre, who was instrumental in the State’s Government’s change of uniform policy, for Behind the News. Her Mum happens to be an alumni of our school!

Being comfortable is key to good education as learning occurs through experience rather than simply sitting at a desk. So, if students aren’t comfortable, it can affect their learning.

Some of our students who have tested out the new shorts have expressed their excitement about having more choice and being more comfortable, which we hope will give them a sense of agency in their learning.

The summer school shorts will go on sale at the Uniform Shops from Term 4 and keep an eye out for more information on when the sports shorts will become available.

Take care,

Mrs Donella Beare