Staying True and Moving Forward

This year, St Stephen’s School is excited to be celebrating 35 years of providing a quality education to our many students, both past and present.  During 2019, as part of our birthday celebrations, we will be featuring snippets of the School’s journey; our foundation, our growth and looking to the future with hope, faith and joy.

I encourage our community – parents,students, alumni, staff, old colleagues and friends - to join us in our fond reflections,sharing your own memories of being a part of St Stephen’s School as we come together to remember the past 35 years and to look forward to the next.

While we welcomed our first students in 1984, the idea of creating an independent school in the fast-growing northern suburbs of Perth had been in the minds for those who founded the School for much longer.

It was Clive Hamer, then Principal of Wesley College, who had a vision to create a School that was different from the high-fee, single-gender schools of the Uniting Church in Perth’s established suburbs. This vision came from a deep desire to cater for a wider cross-section of the community in the young, booming suburbs of the north. He worked tirelessly with a number of committed people to obtain funding, approval and designs, to ensure that St Stephen’s School came into existence. And on Wednesday, 8 February 1984, the School welcomed our first students.

An excerpt from Dr Phil Ridden’s comprehensive account of St Stephen’s history, Staying True, reads “the years of dreaming, and backing up those dreams with hard work, came to fruition when a full complement of students entered the buildings on the first day of school”.

Over the years, the School has experienced times of growth, celebration, challenge and opportunity. Today, we take pride in our history and live according to our School values and School motto “Serve God and Serve One Another”.

Over the course of the last 35 years,thousands of students and hundreds of staff have come through the gates of the School. We have been blessed to connect with wonderful families during this time who will always be a part of the fabric of St Stephen’s School.

As we continue to honour and stay true to the heart of St Stephen’s School, we are also aware that we must move forward to meet the needs of an ever-changing world.

There are so many people to thank and recognise for their efforts in making St Stephen’s School into what it is today,and we will acknowledge them in the months ahead.

I am honoured to be a part of this history and to now lead St Stephen’s School - a Christ-centred, student-focused and community-based school of the Uniting Church – into the next chapter.


Ecclesiastes 3:1

There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens:


God bless

Donella Beare