Our Values

Teaching and learning at St Stephen’s School is a relational adventure where traditional learning is redefined to enhance student outcomes based on five core values; faith, learning, service, care and community.

These values form the foundation of the School’s vision to inspire learning that transforms lives. We believe that as children learn and grow, they are empowered to imagine, to be curious, to question and to achieve.


The Christian faith lies at the heart of our understanding of what it is to be human as well as our understanding of education. Faith is our humble response towards God, and it is from this perspective of faithful humility that we strive to be excellent in all we are and in all we do in learning and service.


Learning describes the central activity of our community. We value and respect the importance and place of personalised learning in growing people - intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.
St Stephen’s School has a strong tradition of high-quality teaching and our graduates leave with attributes that make them successful learners, outstanding citizens, caring individuals and sought-after employees.


At St Stephen’s School, we understand our motto of “Serve God, Serve One Another” as the motivation for striving toward excellence.
Whatever our children grow up to do, they will do so in relation to others – this relational nature is underpinned by our aim to serve. St Stephen’s people are encouraged to explore empathy, understanding and compassion through our service learning ventures.  
While academics are of key importance, we find employers increasingly interested in employees who demonstrate a care and concern for others, who are committed to giving of their very best for the sake of serving others – all qualities instilled at St Stephen’s School.


Care is what characterises our community - we care for our students, we care for our staff, we care for our families. Our knowledge is demonstrated in our care for each other, for God, and for our world.


St Stephen’s School is a place where a sense of belonging and connectivity is fostered. It is a place where students, staff, parents, families and the wider community can come together to grow and build relationships.

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