Anti-bullying Policy

Every student has the right to feel safe. Whether physical, social, verbal or online, St Stephen’s School has zero-tolerance when it comes to bullying.

The School's stance against bullying starts with a preventative approach that uses a variety of policies and programs to educate, inform and support out students and staff, all of whom have the right to a safe and caring environment.

In any instance, the School prides itself on being responsive to all incidents that are reported and works with students, families and staff towards restorative outcomes.

We understand wellbeing is a complex concept and each situation is different but assure families that the School is well resourced and equipped to handle various circumstances that may come to light and ask parents to work closely with us to promote communication, education and support for all.

Some of the preventative tools we use to cater for the various developmental stages are outlined below.

  • The You Can Do It! - The You Can Do It! Education program was devised by a school psychologist that works with students and their families regarding a variety of emotional, behavioural and learning challenges including bullying and its effects.  
  • Friendly Schools Program – Developed through extensive research with Australian children and adolescents, the Friendly Schools initiative aligns with the Australian Curriculum and National Safe Schools Framework to prevent bullying through promoting positive, sustainable whole-school improvement and capacity for change.
  • Girl Power and Good Guys  – A unique program empowering boys and girls with the skills of self-confidence to build healthier relationships and identify unhealthy friendships early on.
  • MindMatters helps schools to promote positive mental health through the whole school community through improving relationships and resilience.
  • The BUZ Program takes a proactive approach to ‘bully-proof’ primary school students by empowering them through strategies to deal with situations, teaching them to identify feelings and practicing communication techniques. The program also follows a Hopscotch Approach where students and teachers work together on steps to resolve conflict in a reflective manner.
  • Cyber Safety – Online safety is an important concept for students to learn, particularly with the growth in cyberbullying in the digital world, and it is one St Stephen’s takes very seriously. Our iDigital program teaches students about responsible device use, stranger danger online and the impacts of cyberbullying through interactive projects and lessons that are part of the curriculum.

For more information about St Stephen's School's bullying policies or to report any behaviour, please contact the School Deans or Deputies of Care.

Current parents can access more detailed information on the Parent Portal.

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