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A Collaborative Approach

St Stephen’s school works collaboratively with parents to ensure a high level of education, not only on the academic front, but by providing enriching opportunity for students to enhance their learning and become valued members of society.  

They value the opinion of parents and have an open-door policy, always willing to listen to any concerns.  

The pastoral care is excellent and they have high expectations of their students in their interactions with one another.

My eldest daughter was able to fulfill her career goals with the support of the teachers, whilst my younger daughter continues to flourish and grow under their guidance.

I would highly recommend St Stephen’s as a place of learning and opportunities for all.

Mrs Tracey Legge - Carramar parent


Balance of Heads, Hearts and Hands

Choosing where to send your kids to school is an important decision. With three children and our preference for one school from primary through secondary, we knew we were embarking on a 20-year journey and making a considerable investment.

With our eldest about to graduate, we are happy with our choice and have been delighted to be part of St Stephen’s School.

We enjoy the focus on growing the whole person, the incorporation of family and the dedication to community.

We’ve been impressed with the balance between ‘heads, hearts and hands’ and do not hesitate to recommend St Stephen’s School to prospective families.

The Fletcher Family – Duncraig

A Positive Experience

Being a part of the St Stephen’s community has been, and continues to be, an incredibly positive experience. Both our children have been challenged, extended, encouraged and nurtured in so many ways.

In some online parental and educational forums, parents say that schools are getting it wrong because the scores simply reflect the children’s ability to regurgitate facts. I would like to respond by saying that schools are actually making an effort to move away from that old model and that St Stephen’s School, in particular, is achieving amazing results by giving children unique learning opportunities.

One of the many initiatives they have is the Choose Your Own Adventure Learning Program. My son has been involved in this and it has been phenomenal! This program lets children choose an area or project that excites them; something they are personally passionate about. They get to set aside a few periods a week in which to develop and learn about this area. They have dedicated extension teachers, such as Mrs Leanne Swingler, who organises for your child to meet up with specialists in the particular field they are interested in, opening doors for your child. That is just one of the programs they have, there are many more. My daughter, for example, is interested in caring for people, and she got to be a part of a social justice committee going to breakfast with the governor on two occasions.

Well done St Stephen’s School, you are getting great scores and results, but more importantly, you are recognising individual talents and passions, equipping our children for the future.

Dr Elsa Popich – Carramar parent

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