International Students

St Stephen’s School is an approved school to accept full fee-paying international students and we welcome applications from international students for Years 7 to 12.

Enrolment of the student is dependent on specific conditions of enrolment, including a demonstrated proficiency and command of the English language that will enable the student to take part in mainstream classes. Students who do not meet these standards are encouraged to undertake an intensive English course before commencing at St Stephen’s School.

International students studying at St Stephen’s School either stay with a parent, legal guardian and/ or reputable homestay accommodation organised within Australian legal parameters.

Under the Education services for Overseas Students (ESOS) framework the Australian government promotes quality education and consumer protection for overseas students. For more information on the ESOS framework please click here. Personal information about the student may be shared with the Australian Federal Government and State Government agencies.

Our leadership teams and international student officer help international students to settle in and assist them with every aspect of their stay. All programs at the School are accredited and can lead to tertiary study opportunities.

For more information on international student enrolment, please contact our Registrar by email or telephone +61 8 9243 2471

Fees and charges 2019

St Stephen’s School student fees cover tuition associated with the Schools Academic, Co-curricular and Pastoral Care programs. Uniforms, textbooks, music tuition are paid for separately.

2019 Full Tuition fee: $23 670 per annum


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