Where are they now: Carina Roberts

Talented alumni Carina Roberts has progressed through her dancing career in leaps and bounds after only graduating from St Stephen's Carramar in 2012. Now the WAAPA graduate is performing as a Demi-Soloist for the prestigious Western Australian Ballet.

"I was accepted in the Advanced Diploma of Dance at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) and commenced full time training the year immediately after I graduated from St Stephen's School."

"I did a big trip to Europe in 2016 during my three weeks of annual leave, but as I haven’t had more than 3 weeks off at a time since leaving school that was the biggest holiday I’ve had! I have also been to Jakarta and lots of regional towns in WA with my current work as a ballet dancer at the West Australian Ballet."

"I’m currently a Demi-Soloist at the West Australian Ballet where I have been dancing full time professionally for the last four years. I’ve been lucky enough to have been able to dance many amazing lead roles with the company over those four years and hopefully will continue to do so for a while longer!"

"I would say that my main hobbies (other than ballet which is now my career rather than a hobby) are cooking new and exciting recipes as well as going for walks along the river on my days off. I love soaking up the beautiful Perth sun and having some moments by myself in nature."

"I believe that I learnt a lot about myself and what I value whilst at St Stephens. I was always encouraged to explore what made me who I am, be understanding of other people’s beliefs and potential differences in opinion. This in turn meant I was given the tools to go out into the world beyond high school feeling a sense of self confidence and resilience to approach any challenges that life would throw at me. I feel that St Stephens shaped me into a very well rounded person!"

"I would absolutely love the chance to meet more alumni of St Stephens and to be able to connect with people who have had a similar high school experience to me but now may be in completely different professional fields."

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