Top honours in VET

Casey Vlahos’ passion for helping others guided her towards a career in nursing. The Duncraig Year 12 student has been working towards her Certificate IV in Health Science Foundations through the School’s Vocational Education and Training (VET) program and was “excited and honoured” to find out she was the top student in her course.

Casey was recognised at a ceremony recently and was invited to return to the training organisation, Health Science Hub, to work as a mentor for staff and students while completing her nursing degree.

“The mentor role will see me assisting teachers and students when needed, communicating with those who may be falling behind or struggling with topics, setting up and packing down activities including dissections and lab work and working one-on-one with students,” Casey said.

She is currently awaiting acceptance into her Nursing and Paramedicine course at university for 2021 and has signed up to volunteer at St John’s Ambulance.

Casey said she had always been interested in the health industry.

“Nurses get to help those in need and provide hope in a negative situation and possibly be the person who can make a massive change in someone’s life,” she said, adding that being a positive person and doing a selfless job that helps the community were just some of the drawcards to a career in nursing.

Casey said St Stephen’s School’s VET pathway better suited her learning style and helped her to reach her goals.

“I am a hands-on learner and enjoyed the more applicable research-based application of study over memory study plus the workplace-based study style using facilities like those in a health care facility rather than just recall of information,” Casey said.

“There were also the amazing, supportive staff (particularly Mrs Cooke and Mrs Hipgrave) who helped to set goals for students and work with them to obtain the desired results.

“I always felt supported and important by staff members, there was a lot of one-on-one when required, and they really understood that life can get in the way of study and provided assistance and support,” she said.

Some of Casey’s study highlights included work-related skills and the opportunity to communicate with industry professionals, including zoom calls with The Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research and a second-year medical student from UWA who talked them through the course.

She said the St Stephen’s School VET program stood out with lots of study options available, offering external certificates (not just Business Certificates) and that “students were encouraged to follow the path they see that suits them”.

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