The road less travelled

A ticket on the Year 6 Kimberley Tour is always sought-after as it marks the first foray into the Global Service Learning world for our Primary students beyond our local opportunities.

Each year the staff and students return with inspiring stories and experiences that filter through the community and create excitement for younger primary students who look forward to the opportunity.

This year’s trip was again filled with amazing experiences for our Primary School leaders, with a group of 16 Year 6s and three staff trekking north to begin their journey.

After arriving in Broome, the group passed through Cable Beach, Birdwood Station, saw the Prison Tree and continued on to Iminji and Silent Grove where they set up camp and enjoyed a swim in the stunning Bells Gorge.

A night sleeping under the stars was a great experience. On the way to Fitzroy Crossing the group stopped in at Winjanna Gorge and Tunnel Creek where they were greeted by a group of crocodiles.

They then went for a cruise on Danguu Geikie Gorge before reaching their destination at Yiyili School. The students spent time with local students, took a dip in a special local waterhole accessed by four-wheel-drive and spent the night at Mino-Savi – a sacred site for the Yiyili community.

The shower facilities, kangaroos and a big cow that the students gave various names, were welcoming at Purnululu. The students helped out at the Frog Hollow Sports Carnival, catching up with ex St Stephen’s staff member Lou Gibson who now works in the Kimberley.

They helped younger students with the games, gave the high jump a go and hung out with the older students.

Back at Frog Hollow School, the group presented the Acting Head and some of the students with sports equipment, played by the creek and had a delicious roast dinner cooked in the fire before toasting marshmallows in the flame.

A visit to the Bungle Bungles, Cathedral Gorge, Echidna Chasm and Lake Argyle wrapped up the trip.

What an incredible opportunity they have had that many people, even as adults, may never get to experience. The smiles, awe and excitement say it all. You can see more on the tour blog here.

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