The Kaadadjan Centre

In 2014 the School purchased 100 acres of property near Dwellingup, often referred to as “Nanga”. The property, as many of you are aware, is used for some camps, Outdoor Education and The Rite Journey as well as being used by a few staff and some parents for camping with their families. Our aim is to open the space more to the School and wider community to enjoy.

With this in mind, we are hoping that the Community Campout, one of the 35-year celebration events, taking place on the weekend of the 21-22nd September with 300 members of our community registered, will raise both awareness and interest in the property.

There has been a great deal of work that has taken place in the background for this event and we ask anyone who is currently registered but cannot attend for any reason to let us know as we have a number of people on the waiting list. Unfortunately, due to regulations we are unable to accommodate more people on the site for an event such as this. Hopefully in the future more people within the wider St Stephen’s community will be able to enjoy this space.

One of the major changes in relation to the Nanga property is the name. Nanga Bush Camp is just up the road from the St Stephen’s property and has caused great confusion for people as everyone assumes our property is the Bush Camp! This has resulted in the need for a new name and identity.

In speaking and working with a local Noongar Elder, who has visited the site with us, and the South West Land and Sea Council, we were gifted the Noongar name of ‘ The Kaadadjan Centre’ (pronounced Car-da-jan). Kaadadjan translates to ‘Knowledge’ in the Noongar language and beautifully represents our education background. The word Centre is based on the idea of Knowledge being at the Centre of all that we do. We think this is absolutely fitting and are very grateful for this honor!

Noongar artist Nerolie Bynder has also created a piece of traditional art that tells the story of the site. It is titled ‘Good knowledge, Good spirits, Good place’ and it will be on display in the reception areas around school on a rotating basis. Read the story behind the piece here.

Following the Campout, the property will be available for booking by staff, parents, alumni and external groups. An information booklet with some background on the property and booking information will be placed on the portals. We will be in touch when this is completed.

Looking forward to the future.

God bless
Donella and the Executive Team

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