Sue Stopher

Sue Stopher was one of the founding teachers in the Duncraig Primary School when it opened in 1993. She reflects on some of her favourite memories:

- The day we shifted the library books from the old building to the new building and had a Year 6 trail carrying books across the carpark and down the hill for half the day

- The first swimming carnival when Phil Ridden decided the winners not by written records but by who had the most ribbons and the years creating a whirlpool where students went flying around the pool

- The Year 7 walking camp – three days of walking from Mundaring to Bickley

- The day a Year 7 stood on his seat with his hands in the air shouting ‘hooray, I’ve finished my first book ever’ and the rest of the class stood up with him

- The Year 3 tenting camp when noon thought to contact the ground men about the 2am sprinklers. 


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