Students’ time to shine at Fringe World Festival

Two St Stephen’s School Duncraig students will experience the glitz and glamour of one of the world’s premiere arts and culture events, Fringe World Festival Perth, when they perform in Maisie this January.

Amelie van Wyk and Teah Steward, who are now eagerly rehearsing for the show, were two of 300 students from across Perth who applied for a role in the musical.

“300 people applied, 100 people auditioned, then only 20 people got in,” Teah said.

“It’s a musical about this princess Maisie, she doesn’t want to be a princess. There’s this curse that this witch casts on her and she has to find a prince to marry… before she turns 16,” she said.

Though there are a myriad of Fringe shows catering to a young audience, the chance to include children as performers was an opportunity the creators of Maisie welcomed with open arms.

“They wanted to include children as paparazzi and the ‘witchlings’, which are like itty-bitty little witches that help the witch with her evil stuff,” Amelie said.

The girls aren’t strangers to the world of musical theatre, both performing in music ensembles at St Stephen’s School and participating in a range of shows.

“I’m part of the choir, I used to play viola and I play trumpet currently. I enjoy it very much,” Amelie said.

“I was part of a play in Year 5 – we did Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – I got a main role in that which was pretty cool. I also do musical theatre currently.”

“I used to do this class called Scripted Drama when I was little, now I do this other drama class which is formal drama. I’ve also done a few musicals with the Stirling Players Club,” Teah said.

With excitement surrounding Maisie building, there’s no doubt Teah and Amelie will take away fond memories and experience from the show.

“[The best part is] probably the experience because it will be a very big show when we do it. I’ve done shows before but they haven’t really been big things like in the Fringe Festival,” Teah said.

“I think [the best part is] making new friends and the experience of being part of a big show,” Amelie said.

Maisie will play on Friday 18 and Saturday 19 January at the Subiaco Arts Centre. For more information and tickets, view the Fringe World Festival website:

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