Student has a heart for service

When St Stephen's School student Zac Grosser pounded the pavement in the recent Chevron City to Surf, his heart was set on more than finishing the gruelling marathon.

The Year 9 Duncraig student, who had never run a long distance race before, wanted to raise funds for the Heart Foundation after his uncle, Mat, suffered a heart attack in 2013.

“At St Stephen’s School, we have a program called Rite Journey which aims to expand our understanding of who we are and where we fit within society,” Mr Grosser said.

“As part of the project, all Year 9 St Stephen’s School students need to choose a mentor to work with on a project.

My uncle and I were discussing ideas for Rite Journey when he said: how about we run the City to Surf and raise money for the Heart Foundation?”

Following four months of training, Zac and Mat ran the full 12km raising more than $2300 for the charity in the process.

“I began training in April, running three times a week,” Mr Grosser said.

“I play some sport but I have never run twelve kilometres before.”

St Stephen’s School Principal Donella Beare said she was very proud of Zac.

“Our school encourages all of our students to serve and help those in need. We’re extremely proud of Zac and what he has achieved.” 

Heart Foundation Chief Executive Maurice Swanson agreed saying Zac and his uncle Mat had done a terrific job running in the City to Surf.

“We couldn’t continue the fight against heart disease without special people like Zac and Mat.”

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