Sondra Turner

Sondra Turner had a lasting impact on St Stephen’s during her nearly 25 years at the School, with the Reflections yearbook one of her hallmarks that we still enjoy today.

Starting out teaching Accounting and English, Sondra progressed to working in the vocational program as a Vocational Education Coordinator. She recalls when two of her students received the highest marks in Accounting in the State and loved watching the success of students in the vocational program as they found their niche and moved on to tertiary education.

“At the time, the opportunities students were given in school were achieved with the collaboration of the staff,” Sondra said. She mentioned Barbra Marshall being a great friend and a big help for students, giving them more flexible timetables that gave them more opportunities to grow.

Barbra would also keep Sondra company on the walk back to her car after late nights spent in the office writing articles for the Reflections magazine. She took on its production when Gavin Collinson started at the School.

“There were many people involved in the process, including teachers and Year 11 and 12 students, and we were all involved in making the Reflections magazine a success together,” she said.

The eagerness to work together on creating a great product for the community was a highlight for Sondra, who gave the publications a final glance before sending them off for publishing.

“The biggest highlight I would have to say is seeing the enjoyment people got from reading the magazine, after putting so much time and effort.”  

Sondra enjoyed watching Reflections morph and change over the years from starting in black-and-white to having one page in colour and progressing each year into its current form.

“Everyone enjoyed the column that the Year 12 students wrote about their time being at the school,” she said. “They would always put such funny moments in there that it would always put a smile on my face.”

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