More Wonderful WACE Results

More than 95 percent of St Stephen’s School students who applied for university have been offered a place following the recent release of the Class of 2018’s great WACE results.

Fifty of the 53 Carramar students (94.3 per cent) who applied to university were offered a place along with 102 of 106 Duncraig students (96.2 per cent), which equates to an average of 95.6 per cent of university places offered to St Stephen’s School students in 2018.

In addition to our previous announcement of the 30 students who achieved a WACE of more than 90, putting them in the top 10 per cent of students in the State, several special School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) Exhibitions and Awards have also been released.

Duncraig student Connor Brown received an Outstanding Achievement in VET Exhibition and Certificate of Excellence for Creative Industries. The Exhibition is awarded to the top eligible student who has demonstrated the most outstanding performance in an Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) VET Certificate II or higher in their final WACE year while the Certificate of Excellence recognises students who are in the top 0.5 per cent of these candidates.

Carramar student Hannah Legge and Duncraig’s Nick Hodgskin were awarded Subject Certificates of Excellence for Chemistry and Mathematics Methods respectively. Certificates of Excellence are awarded to eligible students in the top 0.5 per cent of candidates based on the examination mark or the top two candidates (whichever is greater) in an ATAR course. One hundred students need to have sat the examination for a certificate to be granted.

Excellence in School Achievements were celebrated with 12 of our students earning Certificates of Distinction from SCSA by accruing 190-200 points in their last three consecutive years of senior secondary WACE enrolment. The points are accrued from 20 Year 11 and Year 12 units.

Recipients of these Certificates were:

Hannah Legge

Danielle Popich

Imogen Resta

Hayley Shirdon

Abbie Smith

Catriona van der Meer

Charlotte Denehy Johnson

Tamyln Fairall

Nick Hodgskin

Zoe MacAdam

Liam Ryan

Jonathan Tushingham


Thirty-six students were also recognised with Certificates of Merit, which awards those who accrued 150-189 points. The students who were awarded Certificates of Merit for 2018 were:

Simone Anderson

Teal Bennett

Georgia Egan

Oliver Ford

Leteisha Lampard

Isabella Lawrence

Isabella Martin

Rheannon Murphy

Lauren Abbott

Zachary Anderson

Jack Applebee

Samantha Bailey

Jae Barns

Chiara Cosgrove

Jazmine Douglas

Kiara Dowdeswell

Declan Duffy

Caiti Fitzsimons

Lauren Gastevich

Brianna Glasson

Lachlan Grove

Daniel Hill

Talia Holland

Sonya Jeyabalan

Aidan McAuley

Emily McInnes

Belinda Oxenburgh

Adam Popham

Ben Popham

Lawson Rimmer

Billie Robson

Leah Schultz

Matthew Smith

Ellie Thompson

Madison Toutountzis

Cooper Winstanley


Well done to all in the Class of 2018 – your years of hard work and dedication have paid off and we wish you all the best for your future.

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