Good knowledge, good spirits, good place

By Nerolie Bynder

The art is about a place of good knowledge and on country. It is a community place for young people. It is about building up young people’s spirit in a good place on country.

The painting shows the river going up alongside the good place. The river is wavy and covered by scales to represent the Waugal, as the Waugal is the creator of things and all the waterways and waterholes.

The three spirits live in the river representing the inner spirits of the people - the ancestors of the past, the people of the present and the people of the future who continue to learn and share on country.

The pink circle is to represent this place in the heart of Noongar country. The white dotted travel lines coming from the centre are Noongar people moving around through the six Noongar seasons.

The red pathways leading out represent the blood of all people as being one. Each pathway represents a different element that is true to the good place including community, care, service, learning and faith – St Stephen’s core values.

These pathways of learning are connected to country but lead out to the wider community, where the knowledge is then put to use and shared wide and far.

The trees and land represent Noongar country, its beauty and its importance to us all. It is a reminder to always be respectful on country, look after it and you will be ok in such a special place.

All the "u" symbols are large and small to represent the young and old coming together, sitting down yarning to build a better future together.

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