Fundraising in the family

Duncraig siblings Joshua (Year 10) and Jasmine Float (Year 8) have teamed up to harness the power of a supportive community. Together the pair sought council approval to set up a stall on their street and raise money for Wheelchairs for Kids, which sees wheelchairs made and donated to children in impoverished countries.

Josh and Jasmine, with some help from their friends including Abbey Carpenter, Katelyn Cobb and Beth Crooks, worked every night for three weeks leading up to Christmas making and selling popcorn, icy poles and drinks. They raised over $1400 for the charity, enough to donate seven wheelchairs to children in need. The pair were even invited to visit the Wheelchairs for Kids headquarters to present the funds at a morning tea.

What an excellent example of St Stephen’s students living out the School values in the wider community.

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