Fond friends

As part of the school’s 35 year celebrations since welcoming our first students, we will be sharing a range of different memories, photos and more from old staff and students throughout the year.

We kick off this series with a few memories from old staff members Mrs Elizabeth McIlveen and Mrs Trish Dodd who worked at St Stephen’s School for 18 years and 15 years respectively.

Mrs McIlveen was a science teacher and acting Dean of Alethea at Duncraig from 1992 and has also taught relief at both campuses since saying goodbye to the grounds.

She had two children come through the school and regularly catches up with old staff members every few months.

“St Stephen’s was always known for putting on great shared lunches so we are keeping that tradition going,” she said.

Mrs Dodd taught business and accounting and then computers from 1998. She had two children go through the school and reflected on the friendships made as one of the highlights.

“Many of the friendships that my children developed at the school have continued well into adult life,” Mrs Dodd said. “They are very precious friendships they made in homerooms, houses and on camps and I could see when they left school they still stuck together to look out for each other.

“One of the main reasons I chose St Stephen’s for my children was because it was a community-based school that had events like the school fete that brought everyone together.”

Both ladies said the old Graduation ceremonies held at the Concert Hall were one of their favourite events at the school.

“I always loved the graduation nights at the Concert Hall,”Mrs McIlveen said.

“It was before there was a primary school so it was just for years 8-12 and it was just such a lovely event where John Allen-Williams would play the organ and we would all walk in in our academic gowns and the Year 12s were on the platform. It was such a big, important event.”

Mrs Dodd agreed. “They were such wonderful, important events where the students would be celebrated and then it was about them going forth, taking all of these wonderful lessons with them.”

“It was about them going out into the world to be the light and they would all walk with a lit candle to symbolise that. It was lovely.”

Both ladies still have strong connections to the school as ex-staff members and their children being alumni. We look forward to seeing them at our 35 Year celebrations later this year.

If any past staff members wish to reconnect with Elizabeth, Trish or any other staff, please contact

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