Flying high

Most sports that Year 9s are interested in involve some type of ball and scoring goals but Max Geneveis a bit more of a thrill seeker, drawn to the adrenaline of indoor skydiving, with the Duncraig student recently winning gold at the National Indoor Skydiving Championships.

After taking out second place at the State Championships, Max and his team (which includes himself, a 13-year-old and two 11-year-olds) decided to jet over to Sydney to see how they would fare at the nationals. It turned out very well, with the team of ‘rookies’ winning the championship for their division.

Wary to call himself “adventurous”, Max said he is usually open to trying new things and fell in love with the sport after his Dad started ‘flying’.

“I got into indoor skydiving when my family and I lived in America, my Dad who had been living there for the past year had been doing it pretty frequently and I decided that I wanted to do the same,” Max said.

“The reason I love indoor skydiving is the feeling of floating and being able to plummet towards the ground stopping at the last second.”

In the lead up to the championships, Max and his team would meet every Friday to train and is hopeful that he may be able to create a career out of what has, until now, been more of a hobby.

“Dad and I have just started to train more intensively so that I can start doing the more advanced solo and duo disciplines, this new training regimen consist of a minimum of an hour of flight time per week but we usually go over that.”

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