Fierce competitor

Ellie Williams embodies the famous words of William Shakespeare, ‘though she be but little, she is fierce’.

The small yet mighty St Stephen’s School Carramar Year 5 student is not fazed by the gigantic platforms and springboards she tackles as a competitive diver. She has been praised as one of WA’s most promising in the sport.

“The highest [platform] I can dive off is five [metres], I can jump off ten!” Ellie explained.

The 10-year-old most recently won gold at the School Sport Australia National Diving Championships, where she represented Western Australia alongside her synchronised diving partner.

Earlier this year, Ellie placed 10th overall at the 2018 Australian Elite Junior Championships in Hobart, where she experienced an exciting first.

“We went up to Mt Wellington and we saw snow for the first time!” she said.

Training almost every day of the week, Ellie’s dedication is admirable.

“I train 24 hours a week, in the morning I get up at 4.50am and I have to get changed and leave at 5 o’clock,” Ellie said.

“I get to school late though! At 2.10pm I leave to go back to diving. Wednesday is kind of my day that I do my homework because it’s my day off.”

She even attempted to simplify the slightly confusing diving terminology.

“In diving they have special numbers – ‘two’ is backwards and ‘one’ is forwards,” Ellie said.

“Tuck is the easiest for most things, pike is hard but it looks prettier than all the others because you have straight legs!”

Her goal is to continue diving well into the future and possibly compete on the world stage.

Ellie admirably watches the professionals at work – “my favourite diver is Maddison Keeney. She’s from Perth, we [met her] and had a photo with her!” Ellie said.

Despite her success, there are a few important perks that Ellie holds at the forefront of her diving.

“I like learning new skills, making friends and watching it on TV.”

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