Elise's designs

Duncraig Year 12 student Elise Ingvarson is in the early stages of developing a fashion design piece which could feature in the Mandurah Wearable Arts Festival later this year.

Elise is working on the project as part of Certificate II (Fashion Design) which she is studying externally at North Metropolitan TAFE. The project is a key element to completing the Certificate, involving the design and creation of a garment which will be considered for inclusion in the Festival by a judging panel.

Elise says her garment will be ready for judging by the middle of the year.

“The judges will be coming to our TAFE to choose finalists that they want to include in the show, and will follow through with a professional photo shoot,” she says.

She is enjoying the process of creating her unique garment, but won’t give too many details away before the big reveal day.

“We all chose a theme from the options of bold, playful, sophisticated or serious. And now, every student in the course is working on designing and creating their piece to enter.”

Elise’s creativity and interest in hands-on subjects led her to study the Certificate II (Fashion Design) alongside Certificate III (Design Fundamentals) and Certificate II (Hospitality) which are all two-year programs.

“These courses offer a large variety of opportunities to expand on your knowledge and give students so much more experience with what they are interested in, and most likely want to do within their career pathway.”

She is considering a couple of different career options after graduation this year which may see her complete a Diploma in Fashion Design or heading to university to study Education.

“I’m considering continuing my fashion pathway as a part time job, maybe starting my own business on the side, and doing primary school teaching full time.”

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