Dressed to impress

‘Reading is my secret power’ was the Book Week theme for 2019 and everyone had their own interpretation, with Harry Potters, Steves from Minecraft, Bob the Builders, fairies, dragons and Snow Whites lining our Primary Book Week Parades.

Staff, students, and even some parents, dressed up as their favourite characters, taking on their personas as they strutted in their colourful creations.

“One of our favourite Primary days did not disappoint – the colour, creativity and inventiveness of the costumes at both campuses was wonderful,” Principal Donella Beare said, who was spotted dressed as Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz for the occasion.

“We just love getting involved, seeing everyone’s excitement and the pride the students take in their costumes that bring their favourite stories to life.”

The library staff dressed as the superheroes they are – big thanks to them for heading up the week-long celebrations.

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