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Resilience is something we strive to teach our children yet it is also an important attribute behind success in the business world, now more than ever.

Growing up in Africa, Shil Shanghavi was presented with some life changing situations. He has also grappled with a stutter for more than 30 years that has taken well-honed skills and routines to overcome.

A few years ago, Shil was a seasoned Business Development Manager and had worked in local, national and multi-national companies but after some soul searching and reflection, he shifted his focus on facing his biggest fear - public speaking. He often jokes that someone with a stutter going into public speaking doesn’t make sense but his mindset and overcoming his fear has helped to conquer his stutter and has paid dividends in his story of success.

Combining his business knowledge with his budding presentation skills, he created Chatterbox Public Speaking almost 18 months ago, has turned it into a six-figure business and is now one of Perth’s most sought-after presenters.

He has presented to clients among the likes of Curtin University, the Australian Government, Western Power and TEDxATO Perth. Shil is also involved in the community, serving as a Board Member for Guerrilla Establishment, a mentor for Impact100 WA and a speaker coach for TEDxPerth.

The St Stephen’s School Business Directory is proud to host our upcoming webinar Building your Business with Shil Shanghavi on Wednesday, June 10 at 9am. Shil will present a Q&A webinar on generating leads, how to raise awareness, tips to network online and the best ways to build your brand. This is a free webinar for Business Directory members. Limited spots are available so register here.

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