Alumni gives new kit to keep students active

Our Duncraig Primary students were pumped to receive a delivery of brand-new basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, netballs and javelins recently, thanks to a generous donation from Next Generation Physiotherapy.

Next Generation owner Robert Vander Kraats is a proud alumni of St Stephen’s School, graduating from Duncraig in 2002, and has been in the physio game for 15 years.

His knowledge of movement and the importance it plays in our young ones’ lives motivated him to get in touch and see how he might be able to encourage our students to be more active.

“As a generalisation, kids tend to live more sedentary lifestyles when compared to past generations, particularly with iPads, computer games, TV shows etc; as a consequence, more lifestyle-related conditions are occurring, hence the donation of sporting equipment,” Mr Vander Kraats said, adding that St Stephen’s School played a big role in his life so he wanted to give back.  

“The hope is students will enjoy being involved in sport and value such, realising it can potentially result in many health benefits.”

Duncraig Primary Physical Education teacher Dan Parker said the students will be so excited to use the new equipment.

“Having new equipment for our students is exciting – it [getting new equipment] was exciting when I was a child and it is still exciting as an adult,” Mr Parker said.

“New equipment builds enthusiasm to get active and participate, which is at the very core of our physical education program here at St Stephen’s School.”

St Stephen’s School Principal Donella Beare said the School was so thankful for the generous donation from Mr Vander Kraats and Next Generation Physiotherapy.

“It really is the gift that keeps on giving as our Primary students will continue to benefit from the new equipment,” she said. “Their faces just lit up when the delivery came, so I know they can’t wait to test all of the shiny new things out!”

“It is also a wonderful testament to the School with a member of our alumni giving back in such a wonderful way.”

Mr Vander Kraats reflected on his time at St Stephen’s School, saying “you can't go past the ethos and the values [of the school], it would seem to be a solid foundation that many things can be built on”.

In addition to the generous donation to further our students’ education, Next Generation Physiotherapy has also offered 10 per cent off an initial consultation if our community members mention St Stephen’s School.

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