Graduating class year: 2006

Campus: Duncraig

What was your favourite part about being a St Stephen’s School student?

I was a student at St Stephen’s for 13 years from Pre-Primary, so it has been a big part of my life and even more so for my immediate family with past and present students at the school.  
The friendships you make from being a part of the school community last with you your whole life and it is certainly one of the most important aspects that I value now I have graduated.
I enjoyed most of my classes and the great banter I would have with the teachers. Many memorable school camps, sporting days & the iconic school fetes with the waterslide on the hill.

What was the first step you took after graduating from St Stephen’s? (E.g. tertiary study, travel, work)

Following my graduation from Year 12, I attended Curtin University where I began studies towards a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Tell us about what you’re doing now! Have you had any memorable achievements since leaving St Stephen’s?

Currently I am a Mechanical Projects & Maintenance Engineer for Rio Tinto at their Hope Downs Operations in the Pilbara.  I am responsible for providing front line engineering support for day-to-day maintenance activities, shutdowns and long term improvement projects.

Academically my graduation from university was a significant achievement in my life since leaving St Stephen’s.  I also got married to my wife Rachel in 2017 and had the honour of having Brian Plowman officiate the ceremony which was a special touch as he was an important part of my life growing up in the St Stephen’s School family.

Reflecting on your time as a St Stephen’s student, how did your education prepare you for life outside of School?

I believe St Stephen’s established the framework for my development outside of school and into my adult years both academically and personally.  
There are many avenues and options to consider when you leave school and not everyone is the right fit for you, nor is it easy to know if the goals you have are actually what you want to do.
St Stephen’s gave me the support to be confident and self-driven and they engrained in me the importance of caring and having respect for others. The staff better prepared me to achieve my future goal of becoming an engineer and they gave me the tools to begin my life outside of school.