Lucy Hartley counts Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Snow White amongst her colleagues. The 2016 Duncraig alumni is living all our childhood dreams, working full time at Disney World, Florida.

After studying a Bachelor’s degree in Counselling at ECU in 2017, Lucy realised it was not the right path.

“I fell upon an application for a Disney International Cultural Program, which would allow me to live in Orlando, Florida and work full-time for Walt Disney World!” she said direct from the US’ Sunshine State.  

“[After] months of anticipation, excitement and nerves, here I am! I am out in the big wide world at 19 living the life (so far) that I dreamt of.”

The bubbly graduate also enjoys drawing, art and music.

She will be at Disney until January next year and said her time at St Stephen’s taught her that life is full of surprises, twists and turns.

“If you stop, take a moment and enjoy what you have, then you can do whatever you desire,” she said.