Lachy Palmos is a lawyer that will make you laugh. While taking his career very seriously, heading up his own legal practice, Palmos Legal, Lachy’s sense of humour shone through when he reflected on his time at St Stephen’s School.

His graduation year – 2006 – held many fond memories – “getting ready for exams and life after school, fun times with friends, my first car and Adam Hunter’s magical smother to ice the 2006 Grand Final for West Coast”.

He recalls being jealous of the attention Carramar received when it opened and pondered the curiosity of his actual full name Lachlan Clifford Angelos Palmos – “it only dawned on me a few years ago how bizarre that name actually is” he laughed, opting for Lachy instead.

After graduation, and his celebrations of West Coast’s premiership died down, Lachy enrolled in a part-time Bachelor of Law at Notre Dame in Fremantle.

The next year also saw him work on a charter fishing boat, writing fishing articles for a local fishing magazine before taking a year off to take advantage of the FIFO lifestyle.

“[I] worked asa fly-in, fly-out diamond drill offsider on a mine site to save up to make a bodyboarding film, which released two years later in 2010,” he said.

In the meantime, he went back to Notre Dame full-time and really started to enjoy law, which has been his career ever since.

“I finished my degree halfway through 2012, and at that time I was still doing lots of different things for work; mainly odd filming jobs and clerkships at law firms.”

“I landed my first ‘real’ job in August 2012 as a graduate solicitor with a boutique West Perth law firm called Williams & Hughes; I loved that place and skipped to work every day for the next three years.

“I’ve since worked for a few different firms of various sizes, and eventually started my own practice, Palmos Legal, in March 2018.

“We have a small office in Perth and focus on commercial litigation and dispute resolution. “My goals are just to grow steadily, do the best work we can for our clients and the rest will hopefully take care of itself.”

Still friends with many of his school mates today and living close to the school, Lachy said he has “a garage full of fishing rods, dive gear, bodyboards, golf clubs, cricket bats, footy boots and so forth”.

“My family would say that my greatest hobby is hoarding, but really I’m just an all-round extreme sports legend.”

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