Graduating class year: 2001

Campus: Duncraig

What was your favourite part about being a St Stephen’s School student?

I was fortunate enough to be one of the first primary school students starting in Year 4 in 1993. In high school I had Chelsea Anderson and Tammy Donnelly for Drama. I took my time in drama class very seriously and couldn’t understand why some fellow students didn’t have the same passion.I then chose Drama as an elective every year. I was recognised with some awards for Drama studies and received principal roles in ‘Away’ and ‘Bye Bye Birdie’.

My original inspiration was back in 1994 when myself and three other Year 5 students were offered a role in the upper school production of ‘Smithy’. I ‘stole’ my big brothers script (I’m not sure if he was crew or something) and I poured over it every night, reading every part. I still have the copy and have fond memories of being on stage each night with the ‘big kids’.

What was the first step you took after graduating from St Stephen’s? (E.g. tertiary study, travel, work)

When it was time to ‘choose’ a career path, at the tender age of 16 I confided in Mrs Turnbull. I wanted to work in Primary school in the hopes to support younger students falling in love with the ‘serious nature of performing’ at an earlier age.

Mrs Turnbull assured me there was not much in the way of drama specialists in primary schools. I listened, applied for a Bachelor of Education at Joondalup ECU and vowed to make the performing arts (mainly drama and dance) happen in primary classes.

To pay the bills I was working for a small theatre company called ‘Perth Youth Theatre’ where I co-directed and choreographed several shows a year.

Tell us about what you’re doing now! Have you had any memorable achievements since leaving St Stephen’s?

I am currently the co-owner and director (with my husband Trevor Patient) of Perth Youth Theatre and we run term-time Drama and Dance classes for ages 6-18 and produce over 20 Productions per year. We just celebrated PYT’s 15th Anniversary! I am also co-owner and Producer of Platinum Entertainment WA Pty Ltd and we are currently producing ‘We Will Rock You’ The Musical by Queen & Ben Elton at His Majesty’s Theatre in March, 2018.

Memorable achievements include:

  • Producing ‘A Great Big Tribute to the Blues Brothers’ in 2015/2016 @ The Quarry Amphitheatre (Where Trev and I were married 10 years ago)
  • Co-Producing/Writing a 2017 Perth Fringe Festival Show – ‘Funhouse’ Featuring Gold Medal Winning A’capella Chorus, Vocal Evolution.
  • Working alongside professional musicians and artists – Normie Rowe, Chris & Courtney Murphy, Gemma Luxton, Paula Parore, Frank La Cava
  • Co-creating the revolutionary Arts Program at Bold Park Community School
  • ‍Two awesome children, Max and Zoe who both love the theatre in all facets (Max is now 9 and has legitimately been a lighting technician since age 5, loves music and what it can do for the soul) Zoe is now 6 and loves to sing, dance and perform for anyone who needs cheering up

Reflecting on your time as a St Stephen’s student, how did your education prepare you for life outside of School?

My time at SSS offered me opportunities that have supported me today.

  • In Year 4, the school allowed a Year 11 student to teach some dance classes (Thanks Tenille Carlino nee Forde Class of 1994);
  • Offered a chance to be in the Upper School production;
  • To be able to choose Drama as a TEE subject so that I could be serious about the arts
  • A mission trip of a lifetime that provided me with a clear understanding of true altruism (Im Jai, Inaugural ASH trip Year 2000);
  • Recognising my non-academic achievements by honouring me with Citizenship Awards (noticing that getting A’s in all subjects just doesn’t suit everyone)
  • Authentic opportunities to work on authentic projects (In Maths - designing an area of paving for the school grounds – budgets, space and measurement, organising various parties to make it happen etc), holding me accountable when I was not reaching my potential – thank you Deans, Drama Teachers and the like.