After graduating from St Stephen’s School Carramar, Jesse Shakespeare found a passion for travel. Fourteen years on, he’s still making sure he can explore the world through his work as much as possible.

“The wide range of places I have got to see while traveling for work is pretty amazing. I have worked all across WA, Victoria, NSW, and Queensland, and further abroad in East Timor, PNG, and Singapore,” Jesse said.

“During these travels I have been lucky enough to work on live-a-board vessels in some of the most pristine reefs in the Asia-pacific region. It'd also be remiss of me not to mention the post-work fishing opportunities I'm afforded - bloody amazing!”

Since leaving school, Jesse worked full time for an electrical asset inspection company before heading to university for further study.

“Upon graduating from uni, I started in a graduate role as a Marine Scientist for WorleyParsons. Almost eight years on, I'm still with the same company (though now branded as Advisian) in a Senior Marine Scientist/Project Manager role,” he said.

Working with clients in the minerals and metals and Oil & Gas sectors, Jesse manages surveys through field data collection to help form environmental decisions for existing and future developments.  

Despite his long list of awesome adventures, Jesse says his most memorable moments area little more personal.

“I'll probably just go the obvious two here; getting married to my now-wife Marnie, and buying our first house together.” 

Still proudly living in the northern suburbs, Jesse spends his spare time fishing, four-wheel-driving and loves to snowboard on his travels. He’s also maintained a strong group of friends from his time at school, though they haven’t all stayed as local.

“I think the best takeaway I got from my time at St Stephen's is my core friendship group. Fourteen years on, and scattered across WA (Perth, Newman, Port Hedland and shortly Karratha) and America, we're all still as good mates as when we graduated,” Jesse said.

“Having a tight-knit group of friends makes for an amazing support network which has an intangible value for preparing and living your life post-school.”

With a happy-go-lucky attitude, Jesse has a few uplifting words of advice for current students.

“Don't overthink/worry about things too much! Not many people know what they really want to do right away. If it takes time to figure out, so be it. Just be constructive with your time, in whatever you're doing.”