Some people have their niche, others seek various challenges. It seems 2007 Carramar graduate Benjiman Mallis fits into the latter category.

Since finishing University in 2011, he has worked as a Corporate Tax Manager, gained his Chartered Accountants qualification, managed local charity On My Feet and recently ventured into the world of sports media and journalism.

“One could say I am in the midst of a significant career change,” Benjiman said.

In September, Benjiman will relocate to Philadelphia to spend 12 months working as a sports journalist, covering NBA Basketball.

“In recent times, the progress I have made within a journalism setting has been very exciting.”

“I have worked the past two NBA All-Star Weekends, in Los Angeles and New Orleans, and attended over 40 NBA games in America as a working member of the internal media - this has been the thrill of a lifetime.”

“This has long been a passion project of mine and I am now able to call it a career.”

“More than anything, I am happy, and proud, that I have been able to live a professional life that fuels my many passions; there is no substitute for this.

“Qualifications and promotions provide a temporary impact, but nothing can beat the feeling of working in a field that challenges the areas you love.”

While he still resides in Carramar for now, Benjiman has been fortunate enough to explore large parts of Europe and most of North America.

He took a gap year after school, working full time and enjoying his independence, and another year off, backpacking around Europe for six months after finishing his undergraduate degree.

“I highly recommend taking time to explore the world before launching into professional endeavours,” Benjiman said.

“Experiencing difference cultures has instilled a number of vital life lessons and allowed me to grow as a person.”

Benjiman reflected fondly on his time at St Stephen’s School, noting the sense of community and forming strong friendships as lasting impacts.