Danni Stefanetti remembers picking up a guitar at the age of eight and says she hasn’t put it down since.

She recently posted a throwback pic on her Instagram of her singing at school and laughs that her fellow students and teachers would remember her as the girl “playing cheesy little country songs” in Carana assemblies.

While Danni left school in her final year at Duncraig in 2006, her memories of school are all positive.

“The teachers were so sweet to me at St Stephen’s and even though my grades started to go terrible when I was spending all of my nights on music instead of homework, they still believed in me to follow what I love and succeed in that,” Danni said.

“I don’t remember the work itself that I was taught but I do remember the good memories I had there and the real education for me was being given the freedom from my teachers to create… the Primary School rock band and teachers always listened and encouraged me fully.”

Since leaving to follow her true passion, Danni has toured as a musician since she was 17 across the USA, UK and much of Australia.

“I have been writing songs for television, film and movies… making music, acting in various projects and meeting some of my inspirations in music along the way which is always fun too,” Danni said.

Last year she made the big move to live in Los Angeles.

“If I was going to move out of home it was going to be [to] LA,” she said. “I wanted to struggle – if you can make a living in LA you can make it anywhere.

“So, with two guitars and a suitcase I jumped on a plane, got my music visa and a year later I ended up staying.”

Danni draws her musical inspiration from an eclectic mix of muses including Jeff Buckley, Elton John, Jewel, Kings of Leon, Dolly Parton, Jimmy Hendrix and a lot of country, blues and gospel.

Depending on the project she loves jazz chords and soul to mix it up.

“I stick to guitars of all kinds – electric, acoustic, slide and 12-string,” she said, adding that music had given her the opportunity to travel the world performing her songs, sharing her soul and meeting amazing people along the way.

She mentioned singing at the Sydney Opera House and having Keith Urban – “a big inspiration of mine” – discovering her music in the rain in Nashville as big career moments.

When she does get back to Perth to visit, Danni said you’ll probably find her at Yelo on the beach with her high school bestie Amber. “No place in the world beats that really,” she said.

Follow Danni’s musical journey at www.dannistefanetti.com.