Duncraig alumni Colin Richardson is lucky enough to live a life where his hobbies and work life have intertwined.

“Sport and live events are right up there on my hobby list so I count myself lucky to have the roles that I have in the workforce,” he says.

Upon graduating from St Stephen’s in 2001, Colin found himself in the position many of us do where in our late teens, we’re still not sure what we want to do with our lives.

He enrolled in a Business and Marketing major at ECU and went on an exchange to Carleton University in Canada, which gave him the motivation to apply himself to his education and complete University when he returned home.

“Most of my career has been spent working in professional sporting clubs and entertainment venues,” Colin says.

“I started coaching rugby and spent eight years with the Western Force in development and marketing roles before a couple of seasons in the Marketing Department at the West Coast Eagles.

“Over the last four years I have worked in commercial roles at nib Stadium and more recently VenuesWest overseeing the sponsorship, sales and bookings functions of their self-managed venues.”

Colin has also recently started his own photo booth business Adept PhotoBooths, “which is a lot of fun as a side hustle!”

He has always loved travelling and tries to get away once or twice year, with his more recent travels taking him through Asia and the US for work.

Colin now resides in Meadow Springs and has a five-year-old son Jake.

“Much like any aspect of life, the people that I encountered at St Stephen’s left the biggest impression on me; I still keep in touch with both students and teachers through my personal and professional circles.”