Duncraig alumni Chayse Pengilly spends his days flying around Canada, overlooking glaciers as he takes thrill-seeking skydivers out to their jump point.

The 2004 graduate remembers that school wasn’t really for him. “I was a problem student… but the one thing I did take away was to work as hard as you can and eventually you will achieve whatever it is you want,” Chayse said.

He has taken this wisdom with him in life, which has seen him run a successful business, travel extensively and take to the skies.

“The first thing I did when I graduated was start an electrical apprenticeship,” he said.

Once he completed the training, he started a company called Elite Electrical, which he ran for eight years.

“It started off as myself doing small domestic installations and repairs and ended with a small crew of electricians, including my Dad, doing million-dollar installations.”

While running the business, Chayse also did his builder’s ticket and some shop-fitting on the side.

He credits building Elite Electrical up as one of his most memorable achievements since leaving school.

“Running and owning a business if a lot of hard work,” he said.

While successful on the business front, Chayse also followed his love of mountain biking, which helped him to explore the world and compete in some epic comps. An adventurer at heart, he also enjoys snowboarding and motocross.  

In 2016, Chayse made the decision to sell the business and move to a small town called Squamish in British Columbia, Canada.

“My boredom got the best of me (I have a problem and I can’t sit still) so I went down to the local flight school and did an introductory flight,” he said.

“From there I was hooked and have never looked back.

“I currently fly skydivers for a company called Whistler Skydive and will head to the airlines at the end of the year.”