Ben Kelly saw an opportunity a took it.

The Class of 2013 Carramar alumni co-founded The Bright Bunch – a group of graduates who specialise in marketing, website, social media and design for small businesses and start-ups.

“As uni students, we recognised the need for small businesses to have access to professional marketing support without the big price tags, and the need to connect ourselves and others to work experience.”

Instead of waiting to be offered work, we provided it ourselves”, which is where The Bright Bunch was born. Find out more at

Ben also works at leading Perth PR agency Clarity Communications and thrives on the thrill of travel.

“After graduation, I decide to take a gap year,” he says.

“I built some savings and travelled parts of Europe where I reconnected with family and learnt about my heritage.”

Ben has also travelled parts of America, South Asia and India and has flights booked to explore more of Europe with his partner.

St Stephen’s offered me a well-rounded education and the highlight for me came from the like-minded and diverse friends and teachers I met,” he says.

“My education prepared me for life outside of school by exposing me to leadership opportunities, arts and openness to other faiths.

“Spending time at other religious places was another great part for preparing for life post school – you learn compassion, humility and respect for others who are different from you.”