Reflecting on her life since graduating, alumni Anna McCracken had a rather philosophical outlook that left us inspired to do the same.

“When I realised that letting go of all the things I thought I ‘should’ be doing because others were doing it or it was what I thought society expected me to do left me feeling uninspired and stuck,” she mused.

“It sounds cliché but when I let go of the ‘shoulds’, I pursued the path a little less travelled and it brings joy, passion and an internal peace.”

After finishing Year 12 at Duncraig in 2005, Anna flew to Europe where she spent almost a year travelling solo and working.

She then started working as a social worker but found herself becoming increasingly frustrated at the impact of Social Policies across Australia, especially in rural areas.

A move to Melbourne allowed Anna to study a Masters in Human Rights Law and co-found the business, Light Bulb Moments, which focuses on community-driven and innovative solutions to solve complex social issues and advance human rights.

Since maturing from “a curious and cheeky teenager” to a successful woman in the workforce, Anna credited the teachers and opportunities offered by St Stephen’s as great preparation for life.  

“The influence Boyd Herewini and Glenda Parkin had on me was profound, they helped harness and channel my energy into getting involved in school events, activities, camps and helped me get ideas I wanted to try off the ground”.

Anna has called Melbourne home for the last six years where she fulfils her hobbies of “eating cheese, yoga, and filling up my brain with podcasts”.

Although she lives by the adage of “work to travel and travel to work”, spending at least three months of the year adventuring abroad. When we spoke to Anna, she was driving through rural Australia to collect stories and insights from remote communities around their experiences with disabilities whilst living out of the back of a 4WD!