Carramar Alumni Amy Helm’s drive to study nursing started early, and it didn’t take long for her passion to grow into a lasting career.

After completing a Certificate IV in Business and finishing Year 11, Amy went straight into studying a Diploma of Enrolled Nursing.

“I finished my Diploma of Enrolled Nursing in 2013 and worked as an Enrolled Nurse in age care, while I started study at Edith Cowan University,” Amy said.

“During this time, I worked every weekend while at University as an Enrolled Nurse.”

Following her graduation with a Bachelor of Science (Nursing), Amy worked as a Registered Nurse within the state-wide Graduate Program in Mental Health. She later took on a position with NurseWest, a job which would see her work throughout Western Australia’s hospitals for the next three years.

“During this time, I fell in love with someone in South Australia and am currently living in Adelaide Hills and working with the Department of Health in South Adelaide as a mental health nurse, while completing my Masters in Mental Health Nursing,” Amy said.        

During her free time Amy likes to swim, spend time with family and friends and dabble in photography, while she’s had plenty of opportunities to travel and sharpen her snowboarding skills!

When reflecting on her time at St Stephen’s School, Amy is grateful for the life-long friends she made, with whom she still keeps in contact; the vital skills she learnt that assisted her with her TAFE and university studies; and most importantly her drive to follow her dreams and never give up!